How do custom-formulated paints drive business growth?

November 25th, 2019
How do custom-formulated paints drive business growth?

Paint provides more than just color to your products and equipment. When formulated according to the needs of your brand, it can even contribute to your bottom line and potential for growth.

Here are five ways custom-formulated paint is good for your business:

#1. The paint you need for your intended goal

If you’re looking for the perfect coating for your products or equipment, you need to consider the characteristics of the paint and the surface it will be applied onto. That said, standard pigments are likely to give you just some of the qualities you’re looking for. For instance, conventional latex paints may be affordable and easy to use, but they are not very durable and therefore are not recommended for surfaces that are constantly exposed to seawater and other harsh elements.

Custom-formulated paints give you all the qualities you need in any particular coating. Whether you need paint that resists moisture and heat or one that is flexible and can endure tensile strains, a paint formulator will be able to meet your preferences. This means your customers will enjoy products with durable and fine paint finishes that won’t flake or fade after a few uses.

#2. Greater operational capabilities

Coating your products or equipment with paint protects them from direct exposure to the environment. This prevents harmful chemical reactions like rust, as well as material degradation, such as what happens when wood is exposed to moisture and heat for prolonged periods.

These effects can reduce the operational efficiency of machines. Rust, for example, eats through metal and impedes moving parts. Custom-formulated paint provides a protective coating for specific environmental factors, extending their longevity and helping maintain their efficiency longer.

#3. Safer products, equipment, and work environments

All businesses are compelled to provide safe workspaces for their workers and the right paint formula can make this happen. In restaurants and businesses that use a lot of water in manufacturing their products, custom-formulated water-resistant and non-slip coatings can be used to make wet floors less slippery. For businesses that require working in dark spaces, photoluminescent paints can be custom-formulated to prevent collisions and other accidents.

A custom formulation also ensures that you know exactly what ingredients go into your paint. This means you can get a coating that does not contain toxic ingredients but address all your business’s needs. Such a consideration is crucial for pieces of equipment and machinery that are often exposed to or produce heat, as non-heat-resistant coatings can create toxic vapors that your workers could become exposed to.

#4. Satisfied customers

Customers want something that not only looks good but is also cost-effective, and custom-formulated paint ensures that your products are matched with their expectations and needs. By ensuring your customers are satisfied, you are building a community of buyers who are likely to turn to your brand in the future. They are also likely to recommend your brand to people they know, which is an opportunity for you to earn greater revenue.

The right paint can enhance your equipment and products’ performance, making your brand more attractive to your customers. Mobile Paint understands this very well. We formulate paints and coatings for both commercial and residential use, taking into account our customers’ intended usage and desired appearance. We also consider the environment in which the painted surfaces will be exposed to for optimal results. Talk to us now to learn more about our services or to get a quote.